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Consultation | With a wealth of experience in all aspects of the arts Jeremy Holloway is a valuable addition to any or project. For 8 years Jeremy conceived and managed the end of year graduate performances at South Devon College in Paignton. These ranged from performances in a bath, a busking festival, a Victorian parlour magic show, numerous stage productions and the creation of a “celebrity”, named (rather aptly) Celia Brity….

Jeremy has taught arts and events management for many years and has conceived as well as managed many projects including Teignmouth’s TRAIL project which saw Jeremy oversee an exhibition of recycled sculptures in the flower beds of Teignmouth and Dawlish / Dawlish Warren. Not only were there sculptures but also an indoor exhibition, “extreme knitting” and story-telling on the beach while children made postcards out of recycled materials.



Jeremy has also Stage / Production managed 12 theatrical tours around Britain, being responsible for technical aspects of the tour, scheduling, health and safety, licensing, contracts, budgets, accounting, insurance and marketing.

Hands On
We can offer a hands-on consultation which will look at all aspects of your project; aspects which could include, but not be limited to:

  • Scheduling / planning / mapping
  • Technical aspects
  • Health and Safety
  • Funding (including public funding, sponsorship and crown-funding)
  • Licensing
  • Contracts
  • Budgets
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Evaluation etc
Many an event manager or project manager can be seen relaxing during an event. Is this because they have nothing to do? Hopefully not. This is, in fact, an ideal scenario. Doing your homework before an event starts can save time, embarrassment and money. A small fee for a consultancy before an event starts can save considerable resources in the long run.

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