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Creative practitioners, whatever genre of the arts they are involved in, never seem to have enough time for the “other” bits and pieces that need doing. You know, the “administration” bits that need doing but only when there’s enough time…. which there never is. Creative-Business-Solutions can take on those “other” bits and pieces, whatever they might be. Below are some of the services we can offer;


Both as an individual and as a director of Creative Business Solutions Jeremy has successfully applied for funding for companies he has been associated with. And what’s more Jeremy is now working as part of Dartington’s Fundraising team.

It is common knowledge that there is a knack to fund-raising; there are certain phrases and certain words that increase the chances of a successful application. Criteria need to be hit and there is undoubtedly specific phraseologies that hit the required spots. This is the case whether the application is to a trust or foundation, Arts Council England, a crowd-funding campaign or a private sponsor. And of course we can offer advice on which options to take and when they should be processed. And if we don’t know we will say so and find out on your behalf.



Whenever the word “marketing” is mentioned all sorts of creative people seem to take a deep sigh. Marketing tends to be one of these “necessary evils” that there is never time to do. Marketing can be very simple, and relatively free. But the clue is in the word. MARKETING. It is not the same as advertising or promotion. It is all about understanding your market. Your demographic. And once this is understood the job of accessing that demographic becomes easier to undertake. We (at creative-business-solutions) make a point of only marketing where and when necessary. Money is scarce; there is not enough of it to be wasted on presumptions. Hence, whenever possible we advocate either free and/or cost effective marketing methods.

Website Maintenance

Maintaining websites is essential. It is not an option. It is essential. The public face of a creative practitioner is their raison d’être and a website is that public face. Finding a website that is not maintained and out of date creates a very bad impression. We can make updates for you and keep information ticking over. We can also set up websites through an external web designer.

Updating accounts on a regular basis is good practice, though It isn’t always easy to keep it going indefinitely. We can keep your accounts up to date and produce an end of year set of accounts ready for your self-assessment declaration. We can also (using an independent accountant) produce a set of accounts for submission to the Charities Commission, Companies House and/or The Inland revenue for limited companies.

Most funders look for evaluations of some sort, whether it’s a few lines to say whether you achieved your aims and objectives or not to a published report suitable for public (and funding body) scrutiny. We have a great deal of experience in creating evaluations and preparing reports and can also suggest the best ways to evaluate your work.

A professional portfolio is as often online these days as it is a hard copy and can take many forms. For performing artists a show-reel is essential; for fine-artists a bound portfolio of work is more in keeping. Etsy and Instagram provide excellent platforms to create on-line portfolios. We can work through ideas to find and create the ideal portfolio for you.

Social media updates

As already mentioned above, keeping on-line resources up to date is essential and this includes social media. Uploading images to Facebook and Instagram as well as regular tweets will keep you in the minds of fellow artists, customers and agents alike. We can undertake to keep your social media ticking over.

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