The beginning of 2019 always was always going to be a busy start for yours truly. We were booked to perform our play “FREAK” at the Etcetera Theatre in Camden from 3rd – 5th January. Which in itself presented a few problems. Would people come? Well, they may well be looking for things to do at that time of year. And of course there may well be little competition for shows (apart of course from Pantomime, which really wasn’t strictly competition for our very adult play).

Would anyone have any money left? Would they still have a hangover? But we went for it anyway. And the houses were not good. But critically, excellent. The comments could not have been better.

So, was our excursion to the “smoke” a success? It does really depend on how you look at it. Quantitively, no. But qualitatively, absolutely. As a producer I am always looking at the bottom line. But for the 2 actresses involved the chance to perform in London in a play by a bright new playwright (Anna Jordan) is an excellent opportunity. And one that doesn’t come along very often.

Our play now goes to Bristol, then Teignmouth and finally along the coast for the Brighton Fringe Festival in May. This final date should, one hopes, claw back some of the money expended so far. Well, that’s the idea. And that is producing in a nutshell. Putting the show on.

And what’s next? No idea. Well, that is a little bit of a lie. I have a few things in mind. But whether they’ll come to fruition is another matter. There is nothing in the pipeline, that’s for sure. It might be time to consider a bit of teaching or mentoring in order to rebalance the (financial) books. Anyone need a (very good) mentor?



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